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Why, hello there! You seem to be interested in me as a person. I must say – I’m honored! Please, allow me to tell me about myself. That one ginger/redhead/whatever person on the right (or on top of this paragraph, if you’re using your phone or tablet) – that’s me.

General information

For the lazy people who don’t like to read, here’s a piece of general information, all you need to know. For details, just scroll down. Also, for the absolutely-very-VERY-lazy people, I will soon be creating a video where I will be introducing myself, so you can just sit back and watch. But be prepared, for I am absolutely-very-VERY-lazy too, so it’s going to take a little while before I get the motivation, courage and energy to record myself.


Name: Liana
Type of designer: user experience designer, content manager, visual designer
Age: 20
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch, English, Russian
Current occupation: Studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam
Current place of residence: The Netherlands
Favorite animal: Cat
Runs on: Green tea and sugarfree energy drinks
Last item lost: GTA V disk for PS3. 🙁

Detailed information

Yay! If you’re reading this, it means you think I’m really interesting. Or, well, that’s what I was hoping for. Whatever. Detailed information!

First things first: what kind of person are you?
I’m a very happy person in general. Seeing a cute dog on the streets could make my whole day. But I’m also motivated, kind, punctual, responsible, reliable and energetic. I’m also a bit shy and quiet. I prefer to work on my own, and only say something when it’s really important. However, I am able to work in a team. It doesn’t really matter to me, I can work both individually and with other people.

Also, I’m a real night owl. Staying up until 6AM? No problem. Getting up at 6AM? Not going to happen. Oh, I also tend to pay attention to everything. Like, did you know that in the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam, there are no signs saying it’s not allowed to sit on any of the chairs, but instead there are little branches with flowers lying on the chairs, so it’s clear you can’t sit there? That’s so smart!

Dutch nationality, but you know Russian too?
It’s what happens when you leave me alone with a foreign language. No, really. I love languages, and decided to learn Russian. I fell in love with the language, and now, five years later, I guess I could say I’m pretty good at it. I’m completely Dutch, though. Born in the Netherlands, raised in the Netherlands.

Tell me more about Communication and Multimedia Design.
Well! It’s an awesome study. Communication and Multimedia Design, or CMD, is a study where you learn to design things. Anything. Also, you can follow different courses. Whether you want to be a front-end designer, a visual designer, interaction designer or content manager, CMD is your place to be.

The main advantage of CMD is that you won’t just learn one thing. CMD’s visual designers won’t only learn how to make something look good, but will also learn how to code the whole thing. This is important because when working for a company as a designer, you’re going to have to know what’s possible to code, and what is not.

And you are?
I am a content manager. I love creating content, I love languages and writing. But I also really like to draw and create designs in Photoshop. The psychological, persuasive aspect of design is what I really like to learn about. Things like colors you need to use, what kind of images you need to use, placement of buttons and content,and how you can write your content in such a way that it will trick users into doing what you want, usually buying your product. Yes, I know, things like colors and placement is more like visual design, and user experience design, so I guess I’m a bit of everything.

Anything you don’t like?
Programming. Please. I’ll do anything, as long as it’s not programming.

Why sugarfree energy drinks?
Because the sugar ones contain too much sugar. Ew.